Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Jie Wang, Ya Sheng Luo, Hong Guo

Abstract: The foundation soil of the buildings and structures is often in complex initial stress states. The dynamic torsional shear triaxial tests...

Authors: Guo Sheng Lu, Xun Wang, Xiao Lan Chen

Abstract: Fractured rock mass endures tensile-shear and pressure-shear effects under horizontal seismic force. Based on rock fracture mechanics and...

Authors: Xiu Guang Song, Zheng Ma, Hong Bo Zhang, Qian Wang, Pei Zhi Zhuang

Abstract: The field monitoring of dangerous landslide is an important measure for guaranteeing its safety, especially when surrounded by large-scale...

Authors: Shao Qin Zhang, Zhi Ye Su, Yan Fen Zhong

Abstract: Based on the geometric properties of a gravity retaining wall, an optimal design model is proposed, and then the best cross-section of the...

Authors: Fei Liu, Rong Di Liu, Zheng Fan Cai

Abstract: Discontinuities influenced the stability of jointed rock slopes are taken as the main subject of investigation, network simulation of...

Authors: Min Liu, Cheng Gang Zhao, Yan Liu

Abstract: SFG model has some advantages that it is more flexible in modeling different types of unsaturated soils than most other models in the...

Authors: Jun Wang, Hong Guang Ji, Chuan Qing Wang, Kaiyun Luan

Abstract: During freezing sinking, the displacement and affecting factors of deep alluvium frozen soil wall was a technical problem which need to be...

Authors: Xu Dong Cheng, Wen Shan Peng, Lei Liu

Abstract: This paper adopts the Finite-difference method to research the distribution of ground additional stress and distortion in differently...

Authors: Hai Jun Lu, Guang Hua Cai, Li He, Zhu Yun Hu, Jiang Shan Li

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the experiment, a statistical damage model can be established according with Weibull distribution from the...

Authors: Wen Fang Liu, Hong Mei Li, Bei Ping Tian

Abstract: This article will use the mutation theory with qualitative and quantitative analysis, and utilizes the membership function of fuzzy...


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