Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Fei Zhao, Hui Zhi Guo, Yong Liang Lin, Wei Duan

Abstract: It is extremely important to establish hazard maps showing earthquake-induced displacements, safety factors and probabilities of failure....

Authors: Bao Jie Fu, Ming Zhong Gao, Min Tu

Abstract: On the basis of establishing mechanics model, viscoplasticity theory and principle of minimum potential energy , temporal correlation of the...

Authors: Yu Ding, Chao Dang, Yu Bin Shao, Xiao Dong Zou

Abstract: Intense earthquake shaking inevitably ruptures the rockmass along the fissures and bursts mountainous slopes, and these understable slopes...

Authors: Xi Yan Jiang, Su Wei Di

Abstract: Based on the method of level-layer analysis, with the sliding harmonious condition of layered backfills considered , the theoretical answers...

Authors: Zhi Min Chen, De An Zhao

Abstract: The substantial difficulties are encountered as the huge computation of complex three-dimensional finite element model. Network parallel...

Authors: Yan Gang Zhang, Kun Yong Zhang, Wang Lin Li, Qiao Zhen Shi

Abstract: The current research was implemented to study the practical unloading stress path that the slope mass experienced during the excavation...

Authors: Jun Hua Xiao, Si Chao, Xi Hong Zhao

Abstract: This paper describes design process of foundation of Shanghai Center Tower, the China’s tallest building. The foundation system is piled...

Authors: Xiao Guang Jin, Wei Hong, Ling Zhu, Lai Bin Wang

Abstract: The time-space movement feature of landslide was a geological process that landslide mass change from a state to another under the effect of...

Authors: Fu Ting Sun, Cheng Xue She, Kun Li

Abstract: The creep property of cement grouted joint is studied based on creep test and theoretical analysis. Firstly, the multi-stage shear creep...

Authors: Xiao Li Liu, Yu Jie Wang, Chun Ying Zhu

Abstract: In conventional soil mechanics method, the soil particle is known as rigid and its size remains unchanged during a compression. With regard...


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