Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Miao Zhang, Cun Gang Lin, Shi Ming Wu

Abstract: The distinguishing characteristics of clay are high cohesion and low permeability. For slurry shield tunnelling in clayey soils, favorable...

Authors: Heng Bin Wu, Ze Ping He

Abstract: The traditional limit equilibrium theory could not consider the discontinuous property of rock slope, and the existing research methods for...

Authors: Peng Li, Guo He Li, Jian Liu

Abstract: Rock mass are subject to continuous changes induced by physical and chemical processes of natural and anthropic origin. Such changes affect...

Authors: Min Zhou, Du Bo Wang, Xu Zhu Zhang, Ji Guang Geng

Abstract: According to the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway K421+642~K421+975 Subgrade disease problems, it is reinforced by dry mixed of cement rubble pile....

Authors: Zhong Miao Zhang, Nian Wu Liu, Kai Fang, Qian Qing Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents the results of the cyclic loading tests for 30 uplift anchors. The relationship between the loads and displacements for...

Authors: Rui Jun Li, Ya Qing Shi, Jian Suo Ma, Xi Yan Jiang

Abstract: Most detection means on the anchorage integrity today still remain on the destructive testing level, which can hardly meet the actual needs...

Authors: Mohammed Y. Fattah, Firas A. Salman, Bestun J. Nareeman

Abstract: The stress paths to which specimens are subjected in triaxial tests together with the yield surfaces, which may be exercised in different...

Authors: Dong Su, Xiang Song Li

Abstract: Centrifuge physical modeling technique has been increasingly used in geotechnical earthquake engineering. A centrifuge dynamic model test...

Authors: De Sen Kong, Yan Qing Men, Li Hua Wang

Abstract: Research of the pile-soil interaction effect is a complicated issue in civil engineering. Using the principle of soil dynamics and...

Authors: Li Qiang Sun, Shu Wang Yan, Hong Juan He, Yu Xu

Abstract: The deformation is the dominant factor of the quality of the road constructed on the soft soil foundation. Tianjin DongJiang port is located...


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