Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Zhong Shen, Jin Xia Zhang, Min Zhang

Abstract: Difficult in soil-water characteristic curve achieved, existence of non-uniqueness and indistinct in influence of unlinear deformation...

Authors: Hua Hu, Xiao Zhen Zhou

Abstract: Soft-soil has obvious rheology character, it will induce subsidence distortion, landslide etc serious geotechnical engineering and geologic...

Authors: Bang Jia Liu, Qian Xu

Abstract: This article has used the ADINA numerical calculus software to simulate the deep foundation excavation and supports process, as well as...

Authors: Chun Er Zhou

Abstract: The side hill cut of certain road cutting has a gradual slope and low slope height. But due to the location in fault zone, serious slump...

Authors: Jing Hui Tao, Shu Ting Liang, Wei Ming Gong, Chun Liang Wu

Abstract: To study the working behavior of a rigid pile composite foundation of high-rise buildings, an in-situ loading test and stress test on piles...

Authors: Shu Xian Liu, Xiao Gang Wei, Shu Hui Liu, Li Ping Lv

Abstract: Disaster caused by exploiting underground coal is due to original mechanical equilibrium of underground rock has been destroyed when...

Authors: Run Liu, Lin Ping Guo, Shu Wang Yan, Yu Xu

Abstract: A series of model tests were carried out to investigate the soil resistance when the buried pipe segment moved in the sand. In the tests,...

Authors: Si Feng Zhang, Yan Mei Li, Xiu Guang Song, Jian Zhou, Jian Cui

Abstract: Based on the theory of particle flow code, the micro-numerical analysis model is established to study the anchorage performance of...

Authors: Ming Yi Zhang, Hai Lei Kou, Wei Zhang

Abstract: Pressured multi-branch bored pile is a new pile on the basis of squeezed branch reaming pile improved, it is a new pile technology focus on...

Authors: Hui Ni Wang, Wan Kui Ni, Gao Yang Liu

Abstract: Taking the unsaturated loess obtained from YanLiang district Shaanxi province as the research samples. CT images on structural damage...


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