Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Tian, Bao Shan Xia, Jin Di Wang, Tao Wei

Abstract: Whether the site of backfilling fly ash was appropriate for engineering geology, and how to use effective means to change the geologic...

Authors: Yan Hui Song

Abstract: The Sky Pond landslide dam is located in Muchang valley, a branch of the Yellow River branches. From this point it is about 6Km to the mouth...

Authors: Yan Hui Song

Abstract: The geological conditions of high slope is detailed, the main deformation characteristics of high slope are described. Based on the above,...

Authors: Hai Jun Zhao, Feng Shan Ma, Jie Guo

Abstract: The deformation and failure mechanisms of tunnels in jointed rock mass with variable orientation and overburden pressures were studied by...

Authors: Jun Feng Wu, Yun Sheng Wang, Yong Hong Luo

Abstract: Daduhe River is in western Sichuan Basin which is across the Songpan-Ganzi geosynclinal fold system and the Yangtze para-platform. There are...

Authors: Zeng Chao Feng, Jiang Fang Wang, Dong Zhao

Abstract: Permeability is one of an important characteristic of rock materials. The connectivity of permeate passageways could be used by probability...

Authors: Zhong Fu Wang, Han Dong Liu, Tong Jiang, Si Wei Wan

Abstract: Based on geological condition of underground factory building in Hohhot pumped storage power station, research and analysis are taken for...

Authors: Zheng Ru Gan

Abstract: ShangPing ore area locates the anti-connected compound part of the east of east west structure-zone in NanLing and the swelling-zone of new...

Authors: Xin Sheng Li, Chao Liu, Li Wang, Tian Zhu Xu, Hua Jun Meng, Fan Yu Meng, Jin Yu Shang, Tong Wan

Abstract: An in-situ water injection test across Xi’ an ground fissures has been done, in order to simulate the activity of the fissures after water...

Authors: Zhen Wei Jiang, Qi Yao Wang

Abstract: The role of surface water is also the main reason for the formation and development of ground fissures. Five mechanisms were obtained on the...


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