Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Lu Jia, Zhong Fu Wang, Jian Hua Zheng

Abstract: Squeezed branch pile is based on the traditional uniform pile in development of a new type of pile, with a high bearing capacity, settlement...

Authors: Jin Lu Jia, Min Zhou, Jian Hua Zheng

Abstract: The bearing capacity property of large-diameter bored cast-in-situ deep and post-grouting pile is analyzed on the basis of measuring data of...

Authors: Manal Hussin, Zhu Ge Yan, Frank Bullen, Weena Lokuge

Abstract: The authors conducted research aimed at developing a new type of permeable concrete material with enhanced structural strength. This paper...

Authors: Ya Li Li, Min Zhou

Abstract: The rockfall trajectories are affected by many kinematic parameters. So it is very necessary to exactly analyze the sensitivity of rockfall...

Authors: Jin Shui Xie, Ming Zhou Bai, Yin Jing Yang, Zhao Yi Xu, Ai Jun Zhang, Peng Cheng Wang

Abstract: With Yichang-Wanzhou Railway project being taken into account, this article systematically analyzes the control factors of geological hazard...

Authors: Xin Sheng Li, Fan Yu Meng, Chao Liu, Hua Jun Meng, Peng Zhang, Tong Wan, Jin Yu Shang, Wei Zhong Cao, Yang Lan

Abstract: The genesis of Xi’ an ground fissures and the recent activity characteristics and tendency have been introduced firstly. The architectural...

Authors: Qi Jun Hu, Hua Wen, Cheng Gong

Abstract: This paper verified effect and feasibility by indoor model test of using drainage of vacuum preloading method and electro-osmosis method to...

Authors: Xiu Guang Song, Kai Yao, Zhi Gang Dou, Yang Yang

Abstract: In order to understand the dynamic stress diffusion rule of the waste iron slag (sand soil) during dynamic consolidation, we conducted a...

Authors: Gao She Hu, Yan Ding, Jun Liu

Abstract: This article is based on the Bazimen Landslide in the three gorges reservoir area to be the object of study, and uses the Boussinesq...

Authors: Xiao Bing Kang

Abstract: In addition to the gas tunnel in coal strata, there are a large number of gas tunnel in non-coal strata, these tunnels itself do not through...


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