Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Lin Weng, Bao Jian Liu

Abstract: This paper presents the calculation optimization for two examples of anchored slope, in respect of structural plane involved failures and...

Authors: Hong Bo Zhang, Xiu Guang Song, Hong Hong Wang, Zheng Ma

Abstract: The dynamic consolidation method has been used widely in various engineering domain. With this method, the velocity of reconsolidation...

Authors: Cheng Hui Peng, Chang Ming Wang, Gang Cheng Wang

Abstract: Moraine Lake outburst is a common geological disaster in Tibet. Meltwater infiltrates into glacier through the cracks and lubricates it,...

Authors: Hang Lin, Ping Cao

Abstract: The cohesion c and friction angle φ are the main strength parameters influencing the stability of slope. Any of them changes,...

Authors: Xin Liao, Xi Yong Wu, Jiang Tao Duan

Abstract: Black rock strata with special engineering geological characteristics are distributed widely in different geological periods and areas. The...

Authors: Yuan Li, Jian Feng Qi, Lei Jia, Ying Zhang

Abstract: The dragonmount tailing pond which is taken as the study area has complex hydrogeological condition. It lies in Jingxi county, Guangxi...

Authors: Song Cheng Tan, Long Chen Duan, Song E Tan, Hao Shi

Abstract: Auger drilling is widely employed in pile foundation engineering and sampling test for geological sciences, and is even considered as one of...

Authors: De Rong Zeng, Xi Zhuang Xiao

Abstract: Basing on the tunneling of Jiaowu tunnel, combining with finite element program, the continuous excavation by load steps is simulated...

Authors: Jin Shan Lei, Li Ping Yan, Xiu Zhu Yang, De Zhi Liu

Abstract: The sixth line of Guangzhou Metro Subway is partially located in silty fine sand layer, which is incompact, rich in water, and has high...

Authors: Yiin Kuen Fuh, Wei Chi Huang

Abstract: Due to land scarcity in greater Taipei area, continuously conversion from existing railroad to underground are performed to increase the...


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