Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Min Wang, Chuan He, Si Jin Liu, Lei Lei Lan

Abstract: With the construction of large quantities of shield tunnels, based on the consideration of the performance, disaster prevention, relief and...

Authors: Zhi Shu Yao, Hai Bing Cai, Hua Cheng

Abstract: With the aim of solving technical problems existing in the rehabilitation construction of butt-joint sect works with manual level freezing...

Authors: Qing Hao Guo

Abstract: The assessment of the interaction between a new tunnel and existing residential or office building is an important issue in urban area. In...

Authors: Bao Long Lin, Xiao Yun Jia

Abstract: Based on the conditions of Guanjiao tunnel, numerical analysis of air flow field is carried out by the finite element software—CFD in this...

Authors: Tao Li Xiao, Xin Ping Li, Yi Fei Dai

Abstract: Under the action of stress and crack hydraulic pressure, the damage and rupture of jointed rock mass accumulate and extend simultaneously...

Authors: Jin Yun Liu, Jian Yun Chen, Zhi Bin Su, Wei Xu

Abstract: The shaft is accessory structure of water-conveyance tunnel, so study on law of seismic response of water-conveyance with shaft is very...

Authors: Chang Hong Wang, He Hua Zhu

Abstract: After a comprehensive review on the exploitation of information technology in geotechnical engineering and underground engineering, a...

Authors: D.T. Pham, S.Z. Su, Ming Zhe Li

Abstract: Currently, there are no efficient, sustainable and adaptive means of producing large compound-curved cladding and facades in constructional...

Authors: Jie Zhao, Yang Zheng, Gui Xuan Wang

Abstract: Aiming at the nuclear power plant structure and adopting time domain analysis approach, the seismic analysis of an intake tunnel for nuclear...

Authors: Sen Wen, Li Min Zhao, Yu Qing Yuan

Abstract: Many tunnels are going to be driven in China. In order to reduce accidents, the effective measure is to carry out risk evaluation in...


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