Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Li

Abstract: Force transmission triangular box as the bracing’s bracket is widely applied in the deep foundation, but its performance was not studied in...

Authors: Hai Ying Zhou, Li Xin Li, Ting Guo Chen

Abstract: Based on the segmental joint tests, it was found that the practical range of joint flexural rigidity was in range of 8500-29000kN•m/rad. A...

Authors: Hai Yan Wang, Wen Ge Qiu, Xue Feng Chen, Hao Gu

Abstract: Through the survey about the durability of existing railway and road tunnels, it is found that there are different kinds of defects in most...

Authors: Yun Dong Ma, Bo Li, Bin Fan

Abstract: The aerodynamic numerical simulation model of high-speed railway tunnel was established based on the analyzing of the aerodynamic effect...

Authors: Hussein Yousif Aziz, Jian Lin Ma

Abstract: This paper is a studying on the Al-Shuhadah Bridge lies in the Muthanna province south of Iraq, including the soil investigation taken from...

Authors: Rui Gao

Abstract: The textural stress has great effect on the stability of rock. According to the measured geo-stress data, through FEM and combined with the...

Authors: Hai Ze Pan, Jiang Ying Cao, Yuan Chun Huang

Abstract: The thought and method are put forward to deal with the difficulties in prediction of water-gush yield in long tunnels. The conceptual model...

Authors: Chao Liang Ye, Yong Quan Zhu, Ben Guo He

Abstract: The work presented in this paper focuses on support time for tunnel, which has much effect on stability of tunnel. Based on loess tunnel of...

Authors: Qiang Chen, Bao Long Zhu

Abstract: Since karst landform distributes widely in south China, highway and railway construction usually adopt the method of embedding long and...

Authors: Qing Li Meng, Min Zheng Zhang, Jun He Feng

Abstract: In this paper, Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Pseudo-Rubber Metal (PRM) was studied, and comparative test with common Pseudo-Rubber Metal was...


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