Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Kun Chen, Li Zhong Jiang, Zhi Ping Zeng, Bo Fu Luo

Abstract: The responses of high-speed railway bridge subjected to seismic load were investigated by numerical simulation, the whole finite element...

Authors: Lei Zhao, Jin Hua Wang, Ji Sheng Zhao

Abstract: Characteristics of the permanent deformation and surface rupture caused by fault dislocation in 512 Wenchuan earthquake are analyzed in this...

Authors: Jun Teng, Tao Zhang

Abstract: The paper proposes a new method, which is used for providing ground motion input for seismic design under rare earthquake action. The...

Authors: Hong Yu Jia, Shi Xiong Zheng, Ming Qiang Xia, Lei Yang

Abstract: The seismic behavior study of Fengdu Bridge will be conducted on a parameter of damping coefficient C of linear viscous dampers through...

Authors: Wei Wei Sun, Jun Yuan

Abstract: In order to improve the seismic capacity of short-limb shear wall, two kinds of unbonded post-tensioned short-limb shear wall based on...

Authors: Lai Gui Wang, Mei Sheng Feng, Hong Zhu Zhang

Abstract: For the study of soft subgrade pavement cracking process, it establishes the pavement structure tension crack model by elastic layered...

Authors: Lai Gui Wang, Hong Zhu Zhang, Mei Sheng Feng

Abstract: To study the stability of rock slope under dynamic load,the digital speckle correlation measurement (DSCM) is used for dynamic failure of...

Authors: Rong Yong Ma, Xiang Chen, Lei Lei Yang, Xiao Qing Zhang

Abstract: In this paper,the basic situation of Guangxi luocheng Kama reservoir and the potential dangers are introduced firstly, and then,different...

Authors: Lai Wang, Xi Tong Dong

Abstract: Influence of earthquake directions on wind turbine tower under seismic action are numerically investigated in this paper. First, equations...

Authors: Tian Li Wang, Qing Ning Li, Hai Jun Yin

Abstract: In order to analyze seismic response of the curved ramp bridge, this paper selected a single curved ramp bridge in a multilevel junction...


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