Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Li, Xi Zhu, Qing Shan Yang

Abstract: 320 strong motion records of four sites are appropriately selected. The elasto-plastic dynamic analysis program is used to research the...

Authors: Cheng Chen, M. Ricles James

Abstract: Experimental evaluation of large scale MR fluid dampers for seismic hazard mitigation in buildings is presented in this paper. A simplified...

Authors: Jun Ping Zhou, De Guo Xiong, Xue Fu Xian, Yong Dong Jiang, Zhan Fang Liu, Da Sheng Gu

Abstract: It is a well-known fact that an injection of the borehole fluids into surrounding porous rocks often results in fault reactivation,such as...

Authors: Yu Dang, Kai Cheng Huo, Fang Fang Qin

Abstract: The special type isolated building defined as asymmetric multi-tower base isolated structure with large floor is discussed in this paper....

Authors: Lian Jun Jia, Ming Zhu Guo, Fang Zhao, Chan Chan Zheng, Zi Yang Meng, Qian Jiang

Abstract: In recent years, Seismic While Drilling has rapidly developed at home and abroad, as a new down-hole seismic technique. It has widely used...

Authors: Di Xiong Yang, Chang Geng Zhang

Abstract: From the perspective of fractal geometry, the irregularity and complexity of near-fault ground motions and seismic responses of single...

Authors: Pei Ju Chang, Jian Zhu

Abstract: This study focus on derivation of such fragility curves using classic mid-story isolation and reduction structures (MIRS) in China...

Authors: Gui Xuan Wang, Jie Zhao, Zhen Liu, Yang Zheng

Abstract: The performance-based design is a new development trend of seismic design. It is a breakthrough of the seismic design procedures. Based on...

Authors: Xi Tao Nan

Abstract: The background of ancient wood structure buildings in China is elaborated in this article, and the seismic mechanism for structural...

Authors: Shi Qun Guo

Abstract: An anti-seismic analysis about two structures (an irregular high-rise building and the previous structure using eccentrically braces) is...


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