Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi He Lin, Ye Cheng

Abstract: According to the situation of Shao-Gan expressway slope project, the strategy of expressway slope ecology protection was put forward,...

Authors: Min Jiang Zhang, Gang Chen, Li Xia Hou, Li Ping Zhang

Abstract: Based on the viscoelasticity theory and the data of creep test, Burgers model was established, which was used to study the viscoelastic...

Authors: Long Wen, Xiao Jiang Wang, Hao Liu, Hao Xiang Wu, Bao Lin Cui, Xiao Yi Cui

Abstract: Buton rock asphalt (BRA) is possessed of both performance and economic advantages. In order to reveal the modification mechanism, X-ray...

Authors: Shuai Tian, Tong Zhang, Ye Li

Abstract: This paper studies the optimum proportion of rubber-particles in rubberized concrete for road, tests the impact of 12 modifiers and their...

Authors: Long Sheng Bao, Xiao Fang Zhang, Ling Yu, Guang Shan Zhu

Abstract: Due to the heavy traffic and channelization, vehicle often brake and park for a long time at the urban road signal intersection, especially...

Authors: Jyh Dong Lin, Ming Chin Yeh, C. T. Hung, C. R. Chiou

Abstract: This research mainly uses the image binaryzation to quantify water fog in order to have a better understanding about the water fog degree...

Authors: Qing Guo Yang, Li Yan Dong, Jin Cheng Ning

Abstract: The asphalt pavements which are designed for 15-years usage are often highly damaged in the early period. In order to eliminate this...

Authors: Jian Jun Wei, He Wu, Jiao Xiu Xing

Abstract: Four combinations of frequency and amplitude induced vibrations and six start vibrated ages which ensured that the concrete would be exposed...

Authors: Hui Mi Hsu, Hao Hsien Chen, Sao Jeng Chao, An Cheng, Li Ying Lee, Zhi Wen Hong

Abstract: Taiwan's climate is marine tropical. The northern part of the island has a rainy season that lasts from January through late March during...

Authors: Hong Bo Zhang, Xiu Guang Song

Abstract: Because of the special capillary and water-sensitive characters, the moisture content of silt subgrade in Alluvial Plain of the Yellow River...


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