Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Tao Geng, Rui Bo Ren, Li Zhi Wang, Cui Lan Gao

Abstract: Two types of high modulus asphalt mixtures are introduced. Dynamic modulus and phase angle of these two mixtures are tested with Simple...

Authors: Yu Qing Yuan, Dan Ying Gao, Sen Wen

Abstract: To solve damage issues of asphalt overlay resurfacing old cement pavement, authors put forward ideas of interlayer water breakage, expounded...

Authors: Jin Cheng Wei, Cheng Yu, Shi Jie Ma

Abstract: To study the traffic characteristic and axles load spectra of a heavy load expressway, WIM data was collected, axle configuration and...

Authors: Yun Liang Li, Yi Qiu Tan, Yang Jian Ou, Jin Feng Wang

Abstract: Flow-ability of CA mortar is characterized by fluidity, and the effects of the CA mortar fluidity according to water, time, and feeding...

Authors: Yun Liang Li, Yi Qiu Tan, Liang Meng

Abstract: A type of high modulus asphalt was prepared by mixing modifier into SBS modified asphalt and used for confecting HMAC-16 high modulus...

Authors: Yan Yan Liu, Tian Qing Ling, Zhong Wen Huang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the mechanism of geogrid-broken stone pile reinforced sand-gravel cushion soft base strengthening system (GSPS) using...

Authors: Yong Zhong, Yuan Yuan Gao

Abstract: The double finite cosine integral transform method is exploited to obtain explicit solutions for the natural frequencies and mode shapes of...

Authors: Wen Yi, Yong He Wang, Tian Tian Deng, Hong Bing Xiao

Abstract: This paper based on the dynamic triaxial tests of completely decomposed granite samples of the Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger line to study the...

Authors: Yin Fei Du, Xin Yu

Abstract: A reasonable design strength standard is of great practical significance for reducing pavement diseases. First, the bottom layer tensile...

Authors: Hui Shan Li, Han Qing Liu, Ping Li

Abstract: G212 highway is a primary route from Gansu to Sichuan province. Landslides and debris flows along G212 highway often occurred in Longnan...


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