Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Juan Zhang, Jin Xiang Huang

Abstract: In order to obtain blasting vibration attenuation rule of a soil-rock blasting, the basis theory may provide for later blasting...

Authors: Ying Qin, Yuan Juan Zhang, Jin Xiang Huang

Abstract: The reason influence blasting is consist of the quality of mixed ANFO explosion and management etc. Mixed ANFO explosion get the optimum...

Authors: Gang Xu, Li Hua Zhao, Jing Zhao

Abstract: This paper selects three different fibers: short-cut mineral fiber, mineral cotton fiber and lignin fiber, through the laboratory test to...

Authors: Yi Hua Nie, Xu Dai, Wang Guo Xu

Abstract: In the paper, the method of prolong aging time in oven was adopted to get different aging degree asphalt, such as base asphalt and modified...

Authors: Ke Zhen Yan, Zou Zhang

Abstract: Generally speaking, the asphalt concrete pavement will be affected by the temperature and aging when it is in the use, which makes the...

Authors: He Gao, Zhi Yong Zhang

Abstract: The research on planning method of the frontier regional road network can be a good method to solve the pressure of border highway network,...

Authors: Yong Li Xu, Zhen Zhen Xing

Abstract: Deflection is the important index of asphalt pavement design and the final acceptance. Using double circular load of Design Specification...

Authors: Jie Liu, Yuan Shui Cheng

Abstract: Stable structure of subgrade of railway is an important foundation for safety of train. Rising of speed and heavy transport tasks accelerate...

Authors: Yan Ru Li

Abstract: Though there have been some experimental studies to discuss laws of grounding shape and grounding pressure, the acknowledged mathematics...

Authors: Xiao Ming Yi, Song Gen Wang, Xiu Guang Song, Hong Bo Zhang

Abstract: The water content in the subgrade changes easily as the variation of the environment water, which causes the strength attenuation of the...


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