Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Heng Ding, Wu Wei Chen, Wei Hua Zhang, Jun Jie Chen

Abstract: Influenced by a variety of factors, such as driving skill, traffic composition, signal control, traffic management, and traffic environment...

Authors: Wei Wang

Abstract: Traffic volume forecast of urban river-crossing channel is the basis and premise of construction of urban river-crossing channel. By...

Authors: Zhong Liang Sun, Xiao Kan Wang, Shou Xiang Zai

Abstract: The present rear-end collision accident proportion on the road increases day after day, car collision avoidance system is more and more paid...

Authors: Qing Feng Lin, Guang Quan Lu

Abstract: In order to analyze the characteristic of cyclist throw distances and head injuries in car to electric-bicycle side impact accidents, this...

Authors: Yan Liu, Bing Yang, Xiao Pai Zhang, Zhi Fang Zhong, Hua Xin Dong, Hua Yun Sun

Abstract: Based on the comparative analysis on the low-noise road surface, noise reduction green belts, noise barriers and other noise reduction...

Authors: You Zhi Liu, Guo Xin Zhang, Yi Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the mechanism of typical temperature crack is systemically analyzed and the main cause for crack is discussed. Some efficient...

Authors: Jie Shi, Xiao Lei Zhang, Feng Ran Zhang

Abstract: The river ice is a commonly natural phenomenon in the cold region. And serious ice situation can cause the ice-flood disaster. So the impact...

Authors: Dan Zheng, Xin Xin Li

Abstract: The strength and stress-strain relationship of saturate concrete is investigated in this paper. The influence of moisture to concrete...

Authors: Ping Zhang, Bin Tian, Bo Zhang

Abstract: The temperature stress due to temperature changes is often more than the concrete tensile strength during construction period and operation...

Authors: Xiao Chun Lu, Bin Tian, Yan Fu Qin

Abstract: Based on numerical simulation of the seepage field of earth rockfill cofferdam using nonlinear Finite Element Method under the action of...


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