Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Jia, Wen Tian, Yong Chao Lu, Xu Ming Peng, Jing Rui Yu

Abstract: The adhesion strength tests of freshwater ice frozen to concrete material were performed in a reservoir by the precise control-temperature...

Authors: Xin Li Bai, Hai Li Su, Qian Pan

Abstract: In this paper, dynamic characteristics analysis is carried out for a large aqueduct of South-to-North Water Transfer Project using large...

Authors: Ming Quan Sun, Shi Feng Yang

Abstract: Basing on triaxial experiments, the paper conducts the research to Cemented Sand and Gravel constitutive model. Using virtual rigid spring...

Authors: Ming Quan Sun, Shi Feng Yang

Abstract: CSG is a kind of new dam type between earth- rockfill dam and concrete gravity dam. It proved to be feasible under massive experiment about...

Authors: Li Na Guo, Tong Chun Li, Shan Shan Lu, Ya Jun Guo

Abstract: Anti-sliding stability in deep foundation of Shatuo gravity dam is studied in this paper. Combined with the static and dynamic analysis of...

Authors: Ke Liang Li, Zhong Zheng Yang, Wei Ping Nie

Abstract: Controlling crack of hyperbolic arch dam with a height of 305 m in Jinping hydropower station is an important problem. To improve the...

Authors: Rui Gao

Abstract: A numerical calculation method and a new type element of EFM for the simulation of the RCC dams is presented. It takes into account the more...

Authors: Rui Zhang, Shi Chun Chi, Gao Lin

Abstract: When pseudostatic method is employed to analyze slope seismic stability of high earth- rock dams, earthquake load is computed according to...

Authors: Zhi Hua Wang, Chong Shi Gu

Abstract: Considering the uncertainty and the time variation of frequency contents of real seismic excitation, a new versatile stochastic strong...

Authors: Li Min Zhang, Zhi Jun Li, Qing Jia, Guang Wei Li, Wen Feng Huang

Abstract: The uniaxial compression test was performed on artificial freshwater ice with a precise control-temperature unit compression tester of ice...


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