Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Qiang Yang, Ying Ming Chen

Abstract: Based on the normal H-K rheology model, a new rheological model containing fracture elements for concrete or rock cracked body is...

Authors: Hai Ying Deng, Zhi Gang Zhang, Yi Gang Yu

Abstract: Differential evolution algorithm (differential evolution, DE) is a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on groups, which instructs...

Authors: Yuan Dong Zhao, Geng Li, Yan Ma

Abstract: The failure process of hydrostructures concrete is a stochastic process relating to time and space. The durability failure mechanism,...

Authors: Zhi Bin Su, Sheng Nan Sun

Abstract: To study the seismic response of submerged floating tunnel, a numerical model of submerged floating tunnel is set up based on the potential...

Authors: Shan Shan Lu, Xiao Qing Liu, Lan Hao Zhao, Peng Sun

Abstract: Spiral case with cushion layer is commonly given a significant consideration on hydroelectric power station design for vital practical...

Authors: Wu Quan He, Ming Ke Cai, Ying Pu Zhang

Abstract: Non-depositing critical velocity is an important parameter in project design for low pressure pipe irrigation system in irrigation districts...

Authors: Ming Ke Cai, Wu Quan He

Abstract: Muddy river is the water source for most northern channel irrigation districts in China. Pipe clogging is the main problem to limit...

Authors: Zhong Fu Wang, Min Zhou, Bao Shen Zhang

Abstract: Based on the analyses of the traditional rockfill groins of spur dikes,the PHC pipe pile groin is presented.The functions of the riverwall...

Authors: Ming Chao Li, Fei Liu

Abstract: Based on an actual slope in the Three Gorges reservoir, the 3D geological model was built as the foundation. The numerical simulation method...

Authors: Chao Sun, Jian Kang Chen

Abstract: Based on Fick’s second law and the damage evolution due to sulfate attack, a new model is proposed to analyze the diffusion of sulfate ions...


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