Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Li

Abstract: Ignoring the influence of the load sequence and the damage caused under low-stress level are two mail shortcomings of traditional fatigue...

Authors: Xiu Juan Li, Jian Zhang

Abstract: Mechanism of sulfate attack is a very complicated process. In the laboratory, there are a variety of testing methods for cement resistance...

Authors: Ji Wu Dong, Zhi Jun Li, Li Min Zhang, Guang Wei Li, Hong Wei Han

Abstract: A structure was designed to reduce the large forces exerted by level ice on offshore structures in shallow icy waters, by breaking the large...

Authors: Ying Han, Zhong Lin Chen, Ji Min Shen, Yue Liu

Abstract: The effect of the common cations, anions and humic acid on the reduction of NDMA with zinc(0) was investigated. The NDMA removals were not...

Authors: Chu Huan Lu, Bao Shan Zhao

Abstract: In order to realize the automatic energy saving control for centralized hot water supplying system, this paper puts forward a frequency...

Authors: Ji Ku Zhang, Yang Jiang, Lin Zou

Abstract: Conbined with the Eco-residential Island, the project of reclaimed water utilization for Liaobin water town in Panjin is mainly introduced....

Authors: Jian Zhan, Xiao Hua Huang, Ze Lin Zhou, Zhan Li Chen

Abstract: Based on the theory of sustainable regional water resources, the basis theory of comprehensive evaluation about the beneficial cycle of...

Authors: Ya Feng Li, Xiao Ning Zhang, Wen Tong Chen

Abstract: In order to run the secondary pressurizing pump station in the residence community more economically, the operating principles, control...

Authors: Yan Qiu Zhang, Ang Li, Yan Li

Abstract: By distributing influent to different action zones, a high sludge concentration and high sludge concentration gradient were carried out in...

Authors: Jian Zhan, Na Mei, Zhan Li Chen, Xiao Hua Huang

Abstract: The PVDF ultrafiltration membrane was modified by step in situ polymerization coupled with TiO2-PANI membrane surface modifying....


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