Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Juan Li

Abstract: The microstructure of cement test block and the C-S-H gel attacked by magnesium sulfate is observed by means of scanning electron...

Authors: Rui Jin Zhang, Hong Zhan Zhang, Qian Jiang

Abstract: The water exchange with outer sea for the nearly closed bay is very weak, leading to the serious deterioration of the environment of the...

Authors: Mao Sheng Gao

Abstract: By the analyzing of Q cluster and characteristic factor matrix, coastal hydrological types and their distributions are found by selecting 7...

Authors: Fang Qiang Chang

Abstract: The shear failure mechanism induced by wave of seabed at the Chengdao Sea was analyzed, one model to calculate the shear failure was...

Authors: Wen Bai Liu, Ke Jia Su, Shi Lei Xi

Abstract: As a type of very large floating structures,the design concept of the grid structure is applied to the marine engineering floating pier...

Authors: Ji Duo Jin, Zhao Hong Qin

Abstract: In this paper, the stability and nonlinear dynamics are studied for a slender flexible cylinder subjected to axial flow. A nonlinear model...

Authors: Xiu Bin Gong, Qing Lai Fan, Ke Wu

Abstract: Presented in this paper are the three-dimensional nonlinear finite element analyses of the failure envelopes of suction caisson under...

Authors: Cong Huan Le, Hong Yan Ding, Guo Hai Dong, Pu Yang Zhang

Abstract: Internal air pressure and water pressure of the buckets foundation, acceleration and dragging force of the 4-bucket foundation platform were...

Authors: Hong Yan Ding, Xian Qing Liu, Jing Hua Diao, Pu Yang Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the internal air pressure and bottom water pressure of the buckets, the acceleration of swaying, surging and heaving of...

Authors: Gang Jun Zhai, Dong Yang Tang, Hong Feng Xiong

Abstract: Taking a deep-water semi-submersible drilling platform and its mooring system which will be used in South China Sea area as an example, the...


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