Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Ru Liu, Bo Li, Kuang Dai Leng, Yue Qun Huang

Abstract: Time history analysis is performed on geotechnical engineering structures under earthquake actions using 3D nonlinear FEM. The distribution...

Authors: Xin Yong Xu, Jian Wei Wang, Li Jiang, Xian Liang Liu, Di Zhang

Abstract: The three-dimensional finite element numerical model of wind power generator unit is created by using ANSYS. The elastic-plastic...

Authors: Jian Fu, Ke Dong Tang, Xin Li Wen, Xue Mang Guo, Ji Wei Zhao

Abstract: The overall structure of a hydropower plant with bulb tubular units is calculated and analysed in 6 kinds of load cases, and the maximum...

Authors: Cai Hua Shen, Xiao Feng Chen, Xing Wei Niu

Abstract: Considering the effect of the actual landform and the pile-soil dynamical interaction, this paper uses the dynamic time interval analysis to...

Authors: S.M. Shirazi, Imran Hosen, Mohammad Sholichin, Shatirah Akib

Abstract: The paper assesses groundwater quality and productivity in Melaka, Peninsular Malaysia. 238 data set shallow boreholes, 20 data set deep...

Authors: Hui Zhou, Jun Jie Li, Fei Kang

Abstract: On the condition of different dam heights and different shapes of river valley, 3-D dynamical responses of concrete-faced rockfill dams...

Authors: Zhong Zhi Fu, Si Hong Liu, Wei Xing Gu

Abstract: Evaluating the wetting induced deformation of the shell is one of the most important issues in designing a high rockfill dam. Excessive...

Authors: Yao Ying Huang, Hong Zheng

Abstract: Suppose there is time course during the cracking and deforming process, the tensile cracking of rock-concrete materials was analyzed by...

Authors: Xiao Lei Zhang, Dong Po Sun, Jun Jie Li

Abstract: The 2-D water and sediment mathematical model which reflects flood retarding and sand silting of flood plain in the Lower Yellow River has...

Authors: Lei Ming He, Li Hui Du, Jian Yang

Abstract: In the numerical calculation of geotechnical project, it’s difficult to confirm the parameters because of the complexity and the uncertainty...


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