Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Hai Zhang, Hai Gui Kang, Yuan Xun Zheng

Abstract: In order to study dynamic response of rough road surface resulting from different speeds and loads under a certain roughness for purpose of...

Authors: Yuan Chun Huang, Jian Li, Haize Pan

Abstract: Through analyzing the factors affecting passengers’ path-choice, the corresponding principles and rules of the ticket income distribution...

Authors: Wei Wang, Bao Fu Wang

Abstract: With the expansion of port handling capacity and economic benefit, large mountains highway traffic volume are aggregated to and transported...

Authors: Xiao Ning Wang, Yu Sheng Ci

Abstract: The relationship between ramp length and traffic flow speed (TFS) was studied based on analyzing the design elements of geometry alignment...

Authors: Ying En Ge, Na Wu, Bing Rong Sun

Abstract: This paper proposes coupling the Pipes car-following model with the GM model to formulate a new car-following model that can generate...

Authors: Yong Hong Miao, Guo Jun Cai, Song Yu Liu

Abstract: Six methods to determine axial pile capacity directly based on piezocone penetration test (CPTU) data are presented and evaluated. Analyses...

Authors: Quan Yu, Li Ping Shi, Ning Li, Xiao Hui Deng

Abstract: This paper presents a simple identifying method of bike group ,then takes bicycle groups of signalized intersection as the research object,...

Authors: Qing Feng Lin, Bo Cheng, Guang Quan Lu

Abstract: Vehicle to pedestrian/bicycle accidents account for a large proportion of traffic accidents in China. In order to study the characteristics...

Authors: Zhi Yong Yang, Gui Yun Yan

Abstract: This paper takes commuters’ daily travel as research object to build model of travel choice which contains departure time and travel route...

Authors: Jin Rong Wu, Pu Yuan

Abstract: Manual count method is adopted during the statistics of the intersection traffic volume of Dongshan Midway in Huainan. According to the...


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