Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Ge, He Wu, Ya Feng Gong

Abstract: Soil slope is one of the main parts of the road engineering. The stability of the slope is an essential prerequisite to ensure the safe...

Authors: Yan Cang Jiang

Abstract: Currently, there are so many heavy vehicles being driven fast and overloading on highway. Carrying capacity of highway are not fit with this...

Authors: Lei Jia, Song Hong Yan, Yuan Li

Abstract: The causes and status of saline soil in southern Xinjiang are stated simply, and the properties of it are presented based on experiment....

Authors: Tian Wen Lai, Qi Yun Zhou

Abstract: The more used forecasting method of post-construction settlement of subgrade is to analyze the measured data to determine the forecasting...

Authors: Zhu Luo, Bo Tian, Ying Liu

Abstract: In order to discover the water damage mechanism of CRCP, the simulation test was established to study the relationship between crack width...

Authors: Jing Li Liu, Lian Yu Wei, Guo Qiang Zhang

Abstract: Through the foaming mechanism and foaming effect evaluation, this paper analyzes the production procedure, optimum content and strength of...

Authors: Song Gao, Li Dai

Abstract: In accordance with the spalling of concrete pavement in cold area, this paper puts forward a concrete proportion after making plenty of...

Authors: Ji Feng Liang, Xie Dong Zhang, Lei Wu

Abstract: Based on a comprehensive analysis of the influencing factors and special features of cement concrete pavement overlaying technology, a fuzzy...

Authors: Yuan Zhang, Wei Lin, Ze Ming Wang

Abstract: In this paper, models for vertical and spatial coupling vibration of vehicle-track-bridge system are established separately. The track...

Authors: Ming Hai Li, Shou Yuan Ma

Abstract: Strength and deflection finite element analysis was given to the 40ft Container which export to Saudi when at the lifting and static...


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