Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Feng Pan, Li Yuan Chen

Abstract: Dry shrinkage performance of ferrous mill tailings stabilized with inorganic binding materials with the optimal ratio is studied through...

Authors: Bao Chen, Xuan Cang Wang, Ke Mu

Abstract: Asphalt Pavement was damaged more seriously in longitudinal Gradient than common segment because of its special load bearing conditions....

Authors: Shao Wen Du, Shan Shan Li

Abstract: Two kinds of warm additives, Sasobit and Evotherm DAT, were used to develop warm stone mastic asphalt (SMA) mixture. The test results showed...

Authors: Zhi Yong Ding, Jing Liang Dai, Bo Peng

Abstract: after reasonably analyzing characteristics of flexible fiber reinforcement fragile material, the mechanical model of individual fiber is...

Authors: Li Ning Zheng, Qiang Xie, Wen Zhao, Meng Fei Qu, Chun Hua Li

Abstract: To study the influence mechanism of the excavation stability of the debris accumulation body by the expansive fine grain, it has used by...

Authors: Jyh Dong Lin, C. T. Hung, Shih Huang Chen, Ming Chin Yeh

Abstract: The benefit using BOF slag on Perpetual Pavement that has been developed in United States and Europe recently, will effectively increasing...

Authors: Jing Hui Liu

Abstract: Low temperature cracking is the main distress in asphalt pavements in winter. As asphalt rubber course is increasing, there is no standard...

Authors: Ji Shu Sun, Chun Feng Yang, Zhao Xia Chen, Hui Ran Pi

Abstract: The effect of sasobit’s quantity exerted on the asphalt viscosity was researched firstly in this paper, and the mixing temperature of warm...

Authors: Hong Bing Xiao, Guo Sheng Lu

Abstract: The settlement cntrol of high-speed railway is a key technology in embankment engineering. In order to reveal the engineering...

Authors: Rui Bo Ren, Li Tao Geng, Li Zhi Wang, Peng Wang

Abstract: To study the mechanical properties of high modulus asphalt mixtures, dynamic modulus and phase angle of these two mixtures are tested with...


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