Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Wu, Chang Hai Zhai, Shuang Li

Abstract: At present, the effect of tower-line coupling is neglected in seismic vibration control with TMD for transmission tower-line system....

Authors: Li Zhe Jia, Zhong Dong Duan

Abstract: The macroseismic intensity is a subjective indicator of ground motion intensity. Convex analysis method and China Probabilistic Seismic...

Authors: Li Zhe Jia, Zhong Dong Duan

Abstract: The uncertainties of earthquake currently were not considered with the various lateral load patterns of pushover. The convex set theory,...

Authors: Li Zhe Jia, Zhong Dong Duan

Abstract: The spectral displacement and the damage state medians were assumed as deterministic parameters in HAZUS-Advanced Engineering Building...

Authors: Yan Nian Zhang, Yuan Qing Wang, Yong Jiu Shi

Abstract: In order to study the influence of the action of coupling earthquake to sliding base-isolation structure and improve its effect of vibration...

Authors: Xiao Yan Huang, Fei Zhao, Chao He Chen

Abstract: This paper illustrates the basic principles of "concept design" in seismic design of tall buildings, and presents the application of...

Authors: Min Li, Hong Nan Li

Abstract: The strain-rate effects of reinforced concrete beams are studied in this paper. Considering the strain-rate effects of structural material,...

Authors: Xiao Tang Lv

Abstract: Scattering of SH-wave by a semi-cylindrical hill above a subsurface elastic cylindrical inclusion in half-space is studied by complex...

Authors: Qiang Song, Xiu Li Liu, Peng Zhang, Zhi Qiang Bai

Abstract: Seismic performance of the steel-concrete mixed structure is studied compared with concrete structure by Sap2000, including modal analysis,...

Authors: Xiao Li Zhu, Gao Hang Cui, Xia Xin Tao

Abstract: For resolving the practical problem about bridge structures, according to the seismic damage regularity and the structural characteristics,...


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