Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zan Zhi Wang, Lin Yan Jiang

Abstract: In earthquake engineering, the conventional wave motion analyses usually took the subsoil as only one layered soil, and treated the subsoil...

Authors: Yun Li, Zhao Hui Qin

Abstract: Based on constitutive model of soil and reinforcement-soil, a numerical analysis program is compiled by finite difference method. Strength...

Authors: Xiao Juan Feng, Shu Wen Cao, Yi Huang, Bing Jun Wu, Bo He

Abstract: The equivalent continuous processing is done to multi-element composite foundation by composite material mechanics method, and the composite...

Authors: Xiao Bo Peng, Xiao Jun Li

Abstract: Dynamic equations of pendulums in strong motion instrument are analyzed. The equations imply horizontal recordings may be significantly...

Authors: Chun Feng Li, Xiao Jun Li, Yian Xiang Yu, Yong Bo Li

Abstract: In order to understand fully the effect of strong ground motion containing velocity pulse on constant-ductility long-period inelastic...

Authors: Dong Mei Huang

Abstract: The solution method for earthquake responses of non-proportion damping system based on Clough-Penzien three-step non-stationary seismic...

Authors: Chun Feng Li, Qing Yin Zhao

Abstract: Dynamic setting analysis of Tianchi Volcano future eruption is discussed by combining the analysis result of focal mechanism with that of...

Authors: Ai Hong Zhou, Ying Yuan, Ji Hua Chen

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of the analysis of seismic response for nonlinear pile-soil-structure interaction system with uncertain...

Authors: Wen I Liao, Yu Chi Sung, Jenn Shin Hwang

Abstract: This paper presents the analysis of the dynamic response of a sedimentary valley subjected to incident plane waves. The sediment-filled...

Authors: Yu Xia Lu, Kun Liu, Yu Cheng Shi, Qian Li

Abstract: To help understand the ground motions of the topographic site, the workers of Seismic Bureau of Gansu province deployed a temporary array of...


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