Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Huang, Hong Ping Zhu, Zhi Xiang Hu

Abstract: A modified Hertz model with nonlinear damping (Hertz damp model) is proposed for capturing the seismic pounding response of adjacent...

Authors: Iqbal Khan Mohammad

Abstract: Microstructural properties such as pore structure and hydration play a decisive role in determining the properties of a concrete. This paper...

Authors: Yi Wu

Abstract: It is documented that some confusions about ground motion input and artificial boundary condition in present seismic analysis affect...

Authors: Yi Wu

Abstract: In order to eliminate some problems of ordinary artificial boundary conditions in soil-structure dynamic interaction analysis at present,...

Authors: Guang Biao Shao

Abstract: Lateral spreading induced by earthquake liquefaction in soil layers is classified as a main cause of damage of pipeline structures. In this...

Authors: Dao Chuan Zhou, Guo Rong Chen, Li Ying Nie

Abstract: A comprehensive study of displacement-based design for reinforced concrete bridge columns is conducted. Section analysis software UC-Fyber...

Authors: Long Jun Xu, Sheng Chao Yang

Abstract: This study is aimed at evaluating the safety implications of near-fault directivity effect on nuclear structure and facilities designed...

Authors: Ming Wu Wang, Guang Yi Chen

Abstract: Many field investigations of earthquake disaster cases confirm that earthquake-induced liquefaction is a main factor resulting in large...

Authors: Huang Sheng Sun, Li Nuo Cheng

Abstract: In order to research the optimal parameters of dampers linking adjacent structures for seismic mitigation, two SDOF systems connected with...

Authors: Yan Zhang, Guo Liang Bai, Yan Zhou Xu

Abstract: This paper analyzed the dynamic characteristics and the random seismic response of a super large hyperbolic cooling tower using 3-D FEM...


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