Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Min Chen, De An Zhao, Yun Yan Yu

Abstract: Muzhailing tunnel of Lanyu railway is located in the western part of Qinling Mountain, its geological conditions are very complex. There is...

Authors: Yao Qiang Zhao, Yuan Hai Li, Qing Fang Liu

Abstract: In this paper, FLAC3D, the general software for geotechnical engineering project, is used to conduct two-dimensional numerical...

Authors: Chang Feng Yuan, Guang Ming Yu, Qian Qian Zhao, Jing Bo Zou, Xiao Ming Guan

Abstract: Underground engineering construction in the city can not avoid bringing about perturbation on the surrounding rock and soil and then...

Authors: Zhan Tao Li, Ken Ichi Itakura

Abstract: This paper proposes an analytical model to describe rock drilling processes using drag bits and rotary drills, and to induce relations among...

Authors: Yan Ming Yao, Shun Long Song

Abstract: The interval tunnel of Ningbo metro line 2 goes through the site of a car showroom project. By FEM analysis, the internal force of the...

Authors: Qiang Yao, Hong Tao Li, Xing Guo Yang, Jia Wen Zhou, Xing Yu Sun, Hong Wei Zhou

Abstract: It is very important to make reasonable construction procedure during excavating the underground powerhouse. The factors that influence the...

Authors: Yan Ming Ding, Shu Cui Cong, Ren Tao Wang, Hao Wei Li, Hai Liang Wang

Abstract: According to the blasting monitoring of the main tunnel at hidden digging section of Tuandao Second Road exiting ramp in Kiaochow Bay...

Authors: Xu Dong Zhang, Peng Wang

Abstract: The concept of karst water burst flood is first proposed in Maluqing tunnel construction. The paper analyzes repeatability intermittent...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Yu, Xun Guo, Ning Wei Wang, Hong Biao Liu

Abstract: Secondary lining of Longxi mountain tunnel damaged seriously during Wenchuan earthquake. To interpret the seismic failure reasons about...

Authors: Zhong Wen Wang, Jian Qin Fang, Cai Chu Xia, Yue Wei Bian, Kun He

Abstract: The determination criteria and methods are summarized for the reasonable supporting opportunity which is obtained from the numerical...


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