Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Guang Jin, Ling Zhu, Bing Wei Cui, Bao Tao Shi

Abstract: Neighborhood tunnel is a special structural type with a clear distance between multi-arch tunnel and usual separated tunnel’s minimum...

Authors: Zu Song Wu, Guang Qi Chen, Kou Ki Zen, Xin Rong Liu

Abstract: When the road tunnel is excavated, the multi lining is used to being applied. In order to keep the surrounding rock stabilize and arouse the...

Authors: Yong Dong Jiang, Ling Xiong, Xing Yang Yang, Quan Zhen, Zong Ling Yan

Abstract: In this research, the MTS815 rock mechanics test system , produced by American MTS co., has been conducted with transient method to study...

Authors: Ming Li Huang, Xiao Wei Meng, Zhong Sheng Tan

Abstract: How to deal with a conflict between blasting vibration damage of tunnels construction with complex shallow and the efficiency has been...

Authors: Zhi Min Chen, De An Zhao

Abstract: A shallow buried tunnel was collapsed during construction. According to the actual situation of the tunnel, different collapse consolidation...

Authors: Zhi Yong Peng, Wei Ning Liu, Qiao Ling Zeng

Abstract: This paper analyzes the per-reinforcing effects of composite foundation with a shield tunnel under-passing, and tries to find the regularity...

Authors: Ji Min Zhou, Chuan He, Kun Feng, Ming Qing Xiao

Abstract: Taking Nanjing Yangtze River Shield Tunnel with large cross-section (Φ14.5m) as background, the mechanical characteristic of lining...

Authors: Dong Ming Guo, Jing Zhao Zhuang, Yi Zhang, Yan Bin Wang, Ren Shu Yang

Abstract: Considering the poor support results of extraction drift in soft thick seam with a large angle in Dujiacun Mine, and there’s no similar...

Authors: Xing Gao Li, Da Jun Yuan, Hao Hu

Abstract: The choice of reasonable parameters of EPB shield tunneling in weathered granite ground is of great importance to reduce tunneling-induced...

Authors: Chang Feng Yuan, Guang Ming Yu, Xu Chun Wang, Yue Zhen Zhang, Xiao Ming Guan

Abstract: Underground construction will inevitably disturb the surrounding rock and soil, thus endanger the safety of underground pipelines nearby....


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