Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Po Shi, Bin Song Jiang, Yao Qiang Zhao

Abstract: This article used Geotechnical Engineering General Software FLAC3D to simulate the tunnel CRD method under 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5 m, 3.0...

Authors: Yang Yuan, Wei Ning Liu, De Yun Ding, Xin Cai Gao, Meng Ma, Hao Jin

Abstract: Drift-PBA method has been widely used in the construction of metro station. Yet the discussion about the excavation sequence of headings was...

Authors: Lian Xu Shi, Nan Zhang

Abstract: The museum is adjacent to a subway tunnel, cultural relics may be damaged by the vibration induced by subway transit, so the vibration...

Authors: Wei Min Wang

Abstract: The paper analyzes the fire-resistant performance of big tunnel structure by setting up the analyzing model of tunnel-surrounding, choosing...

Authors: Dan Tao Li, Guang Zhong Cao, Hong Qiu

Abstract: In order to study noise emitted by metro train, the experiment is carried out in the test line of Shenzhen Metro Line 1. It can be concluded...

Authors: Hai Xia Sun, Hai Yu Wu, Wen Zhao

Abstract: Shield tunneling construction inevitably makes impacts on underground utilities. This paper takes some Metro engineering for background,...

Authors: Jun Dai, Yuan Liu

Abstract: To get optimum blasting parameter bringing out the best blasting outcome is very helpful to increase the speed and efficiency in...

Authors: Guang Jun Gao, Xiao Ya Wang, Lei Zhang, Qi Jin

Abstract: This paper describes the moving scaled-model test of express container car passing through a tunnel on moving model rig where its scale is...

Authors: Zhi Gang Yin

Abstract: Using wavelet transform, signal’s frequency properties of vibration induced by underground are analyzed A MATLAB program is developed in...

Authors: Shi Min Wang, Chuan He, Lei Lei Lan, Si Jin Liu

Abstract: With the development and utilization of underground space and the construction of large quantities of shield tunnels, the phenomenon that...


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