Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Hai Yu, An Nan Jiang, Jun Xiang Wang

Abstract: The self-developed finite element program on return mapping algorithm is used to the simulation of the true tunnel with C + + language,...

Authors: Chang Qun Zuo, Jian Ping Chen, Hui Liu

Abstract: The key problem of supporting structure design is the load calculation in tunnels with shallow buried depth and unsymmetrical pressure in...

Authors: Gang Wei, Jie Hong, Zhao Lin, Xin Jiang Wei

Abstract: Due to its better advantages, Double-O-Tube(DOT) shield has been widely applied in shield tunnel construction. But the impact caused by...

Authors: Kai Ling Li, Hong Jia Liu, Yang Liu

Abstract: Ground fissures is one of typical geo-hazards in Xi’an area, which may cause damage of various types of buildings, city lifeline projects...

Authors: Rong Yao, Dong Ling Peng, Hong Yuan Huang

Abstract: The polypropylene, the silica flour and the carbon fiber will be considered to be added into the concrete when test, the orthogonal theory...

Authors: Chang Jiang Liu, Fang Ming Li

Abstract: In view of the easy collapse characteristic of loess highway tunnel, as well as the theory upon the reality of practical engineering....

Authors: Hong Wei Wang, Yao Dong Jiang, Jie Zhu, Xian Tao Zeng, Peng Fei Jiang, Xiao Tian Zhang

Abstract: The support of surrounding rock under the condition of deep mining has significant challenges due to high stress and low rock strength...

Authors: Bin Li, Tai Yue Qi

Abstract: Several numerical models were built by FLAC3D to simulate tunnel with karst around spandrel, tunnel with karst around springe, tunnel with...

Authors: Jian Qin Ma

Abstract: The uncertainty of the ground, in which a deep excavation to be conducted, is always inherent. The risk control of the excavation is...

Authors: Zheng Nong Li, Zhao Yang Wu, Die Feng Luo

Abstract: For the Wuyi Square Station of Changsha Subway is close to Wan Dai Hotel, the construction process is simulated by FEM software Abaqus to...


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