Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Bo Chen, Ling Xi, Fen Li, He Li

Abstract: Capillary radiation air-conditioning is a form of high thermal comfort of new air conditioning, System's cooling capacity, surface radiation...

Authors: Xue Min Sui, Xu Zhang, Guang Hui Han

Abstract: Relative humidity is an important micro-climate parameter in radiant cooling environment. Based on the human thermal comfort model, this...

Authors: Yin Liu, Guang Hui Zhou, Jing Ma

Abstract: In order to improve the performance of air source heat pump in low temperature conditions, designed a solar assisted air source heat pump...

Authors: Xiang Li Li, Duan Mu Lin, Ren Jin Wang, Xing Wei Wang

Abstract: An improved error transfer BP neural network model is use to predict the dynamic heating load in a house or a dwelling unit with the...

Authors: Jian Bo Chen, Kuang Wei Min, Fen Li

Abstract: The natural refrigerant R29O and mixed refrigerant R417A is currently approved ideal substitutes of R22, The performance of R290 and R410A...

Authors: Ke Qin Gong, Hong Fang Jiang, Sheng Jie Guo, Da Ying Zhang

Abstract: The theoretical analysis and numerical simulation for wall heat transferring process of the gas-infrared heated room is finished in this...

Authors: Shao Chuan Xu, Yuan Wei Jing

Abstract: The gas mixing pressuring and calorific value control of gas mixing process have the characteristics of strong coupling, nonlinear,...

Authors: Li Li, Xiao Ze Du

Abstract: The heat transfer characteristic through periodical variable cross-section passage is studied with numerical scheme. The results in...

Authors: Guo Qing Yu, Xiao Hui Gong, Tian Tian Xie

Abstract: A new type of enclosed evacuated tube solar collector integrated with building envelopes is introduced. The distinguished feature of this...

Authors: Xue Min Sui, Yan Ling Guan, Guang Hui Han

Abstract: For thermal natural ventilation, buoyancy plumes deriving from heating source make thermal stratification in room. The height difference...


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