Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Wang, Yan Qiu Huang, Zhi Peng Li, Le Wang, Jie Gao

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the control effects of pollutants with different ventilation methods in industrial buildings. Comparative...

Authors: Jian Chao Hao, Hui Fen Liu, Dong Ling Wei, Li Jun Shi, Jun Li Li, Chuan Xu

Abstract: The relationship between formaldehyde emission and time was researched and a mathematical model was developed which describes the variation...

Authors: Dong Zhao, Zeng Chao Feng

Abstract: In order to investigate on diversities of existing condition of coalbed methane in same stratum and various moisture content states, raw...

Authors: Yong An Li, Ting Ting Wang, Xue Lai Liu, Teng Xing

Abstract: This document established a three-dimensional laminar mathematical and physical model which describes heat transfer, mass transfer coupling...

Authors: Li Ming Wu, Zi Jian Wang

Abstract: Establish a nonlinear membership function of slope stability taking the case of six different sliding blocks on a typical slope and do a...

Authors: Yon Gan Li, Hua Min Chen, Xue Lai Liu, Wei Tao Luan

Abstract: Through carried out computer simulation analysis on air-to-air energy recovery equipment,the analysis research mainly aims at pressure drop...

Authors: Jian Bo Chen, He Li, Chao Yang Ji, Ling Xi

Abstract: A natural and environment friendly refrigerant propylene (R1270) is proposed as a substitute of R22 in the residential air conditioner. The...

Authors: Yu Lan Tian, Wen Yan Zhang

Abstract: Recreational guild hall usually has the characteristic of the special architectural form, complex architectural adornment and high...

Authors: Hong Wen Jin, Yi Min Xiao

Abstract: This article takes underground powerhouse as engineering objects, adopting manual and automatic monitoring way to measure the inlet air...

Authors: Hua Yang, Shu Hui Sun, Cheng Ying Qi, Guo Qiang Xia

Abstract: The indoor thermal comfort labels for the heating system with on-off valve regulation has been proposed by Fanger’s PMV/PPD. Experiments...


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