Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Jiang Wang, Guo Qing Zhou, Lei Wu, Yong Lu

Abstract: With the increase of mining depth, an investigation of the convective heat transfer of airflow in deep airway is urgently required. The...

Authors: Zhi Tao Wang, Jing Yu Su, Wei Wang

Abstract: To evaluate the security of urban water distribution network, one model based on LS-SVM was put forth. On the basis of summary and analysis...

Authors: Xian Bi Li, Ru Bing Han, Zhong Hua Tang

Abstract: This paper mainly analyzes the high efficiency characteristic of cross-critical carbon dioxide cycle refrigeration, especially when this...

Authors: Yu Hui Di, Zhan Bo Wang, Li Duan Wang

Abstract: For the study of human thermal sensation in Xi'an and adaptive thermal comfort situation, the measurement of environmental parameters and...

Authors: Hai Chao Wang, Ping Hua Zou, Wen Ling Jiao

Abstract: The operation reliabilities of heating systems are always of great importance. As to the reliability assessment of a combined heating system...

Authors: Ying Ying Wang, Yan Feng Liu

Abstract: Based on the statistical method of the heating outdoor design temperature in HVAC design code, we use two calculation methods to analyze the...

Authors: Yi Fei Wang, Wei Lian Qu, Bin Wang, Yan Li, Bai Feng Ji

Abstract: Downburst winds with their great destructive power have caused destruction of numerous engineering structures around the world. Study on...

Authors: Bai Feng Ji, Wei Lian Qu, Yan Li, Yi Fei Wang, Zhong Shan He

Abstract: Thunderstorm microbursts, which are sources of extreme wind loadings in nature, have caused numerous structural failures, especially...

Authors: Yan Li, Wei Lian Qu, Bin Wang, Yi Fei Wang, Bai Feng Ji

Abstract: Downburst is a strong downdraft generated below a cumulonimbus cloud, which hits the ground rapidly and causes significant low-level wind...

Authors: Xiao Jun Wang, Kui Zhao, Qiang Lei

Abstract: The roof is cemented backfill in underhand drift cut-and-filling stopping, stability of cemented fills is the key to safety of mining....


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