Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Yun Fan, Xiao Li Liu, En Zhi Wang, Si Jing Wang

Abstract: The large-scale high-speed landslide has a strong destructive power which seriously threatens human lives and belongings. In order to study...

Authors: Jing Li, Kun Cheng, Jian Yun Chen

Abstract: It is well-known that seismic disaster will cause serious damage, so the prediction and evaluation of seismic loss before earthquake event...

Authors: Qiang Zhou, Bai Tao Sun, Pei Lei Yan, Peng Zhao

Abstract: Based on the technology such as remote sensing(RS), geographic information system(GIS), 3D simulation, and damage prediction, the simulation...

Authors: Zhang Shuo, Tan Wei, Li Feng

Abstract: The stability conditions after the instability of sliding is a concern issue; it is the significant foundation to conduct objective...

Authors: Jia Feng Xu, Ming Zhe Liu, Yue Feng Tang

Abstract: This paper provided three test data pertaining to the mechanical properties of reinforced concrete columns after exposure to ISO834 standard...

Authors: Wen Hai Shi, Zheng Nong Li

Abstract: Significance of full-scale experiments, analyzing wind and pressure fields in the proximity or on tall buildings, is evident from the...

Authors: Fei Chen, Jian Hui Deng, Jin Bng Wei, Jia Jia Tai

Abstract: At 14:28, May 12th 2008, a strong earthquake measured Ms8.0 hits Longmenshan mountain area, west Sichuan province, China. The quake is...

Authors: Hua Ma, Chun Yang Liu, Zhen Bao Li, Jian Qiang Han, Shi Cai Chen

Abstract: In current seismic design code of each country in the world, the mainstream of earthquake input for calculating the building is to use X and...

Authors: Jian Tang, Ping Wen Mao

Abstract: According to the code and technical regulation, a regular RC frame with specially shaped columns have been designed, which situated at the...

Authors: Jun Ying Guo, Rong Ji Li, Xu Zhen Zhang

Abstract: Selected the typical loess landslide to analyze and calculate, adoption of elastic-plastic dynamic FEM and Drucker-Prager yield criterion,...


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