Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Chao Teng, Jing Ji

Abstract: To determine stability performance and the critical load of the short cylinder vessel which is made of steel, this paper carried out the...

Authors: Ting Hua Yi, Hong Nan Li, Ming Gu

Abstract: This paper considers the problem of locating sensors on the flexible structures with the aim of maximizing the data information so that...

Authors: Xiao Hong Bai, Lei Xie, Tao Wang

Abstract: Based on the R.C. frame-bent structure in a large-scale thermal power plant’s main building, a 1/7 scale model has been tested by...

Authors: Ming Zhou, Xin Tang Wang, Jie Yin, Zhi Guo Xie

Abstract: The fire experiment was conducted for three of circular steel tubes protected with two different gypsum fireproof panel and the steel tube...

Authors: Xin Tang Wang, Ming Zhou, Hai Jiang Wang, Zhi Guo Xie

Abstract: In order to study the fire behavior of the profiled sheet-ceramsite concrete composite floor subjected to fire load, research on fire...

Authors: Po Shou Chang, Wei Lo

Abstract: Major metropolitan transportation construction works usually employ underground tunneling methods and carry great risks. According to past...

Authors: Jun Teng, Chun Kai He, Jian Hua Chen

Abstract: Accurately and quickly evaluate the damage of high-rise buildings can effectively reduce economic losses and speed up the reconstruction of...

Authors: Shu Fang Feng, De Rong Wang, Hao Lu

Abstract: The supports of plate will be damaged under instantaneous impulsive loads. Dynamic issues of collision between a plate and its supports are...

Authors: Xiao Yi Fan, Meng Han

Abstract: According to the 95 landslides of field investigation and literatures, the topographic types of landslide movement were divided into river,...

Authors: Bo Song, Yang Chen, Zhong Mao He

Abstract: The denseness of urban public buildings and the complication of the underground space spur the enhancement of disaster prevention and...


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