Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Tao Jing, Bo Wu

Abstract: The paper extracts two types of investigated models from frames in fire according to their horizontal deformation characteristics, and...

Authors: Hai Bei Xiong, Yang Zhao

Abstract: Life cycle assessment (LCA) of a building is a new methodology which accepted as one of the best ways to estimate the environment impacts of...

Authors: Hui Jie Tan, Chi Zhang, Zeng Zhang Wang, Ping Li

Abstract: Samples of the sludge were collected from urban channels in Taiyuan city, and its pollution characteristics of heavy metals were researched....

Authors: Chun Yan Xia, Yan Jie Liu, Dong Mei Liu

Abstract: According to the problem of weight assignment for multi-criterion in uncertain information system, the disadvantage of the traditional...

Authors: Jun Hua Yu

Abstract: As known to all, the emission of greenhouse gases is mainly caused by human activities. If we could cut down the emission, we could...

Authors: Si Fa Xu, Zhe Wang, Guo Cai Wang

Abstract: As there is a few area or topographic factors for landfill site, the slope angle becomes steeper because it makes much disposal capacity....

Authors: Yin Cheng, Dong Wang, Jian Xin Zhang, Zhan Guo Li, Xin Huang

Abstract: In this paper how to utilize industrial wastes in soil stabilizer preparation with high added value is discussed. Firstly the...

Authors: Hai Xia Duan, Jia Hui Qu

Abstract: The removal effect of nitrobenzene (NB) in water by VUV/O3/GAC synergetic catalyzing method in a nebulizing system was studied....

Authors: Hai Yan Li, Li Tao Yue

Abstract: Taking a roof in Shanghai for example, through the comparison of the relationship of rainfall and SS load in a single rainfall runoff...

Authors: Wei Zheng Pei, Jia Li, Huan Wang, Yong Li

Abstract: Based on the strategy of development priority zones and the requirements of regional policies in China, this paper discusses the main...


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