Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Qian, Hong Nan Li, Di Cui, Huai Chen

Abstract: Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are unique class materials that have the ability to undergo large deformations, while returning to their...

Authors: Jian Xi Yang, Jian Ting Zhou, Yue Chen

Abstract: The paper has made a maximum Lyapunov exponent and Lyapunov exponent spectrum entropy analysis of ASCE Benchmark using non-linear theory and...

Authors: Zhi Zheng Yin

Abstract: In this paper, the blast vibration was monitored and the data from an underground engineering were analyzed. The empirical formula of the...

Authors: Xue Min Wang, Fang Lin Huang

Abstract: A method for modal parameter identification of time-varying structures based on Hilbert- Huang transform (HHT) is presented. Theoretical...

Authors: Li Qin, Wei Ming Yan, Sheng Bo Guo

Abstract: The paper proposes a new variable friction system, of which the friction force can increase linearly with the displacement of system. This...

Authors: Li Xiong Gu, Zhi Fang Liu, Zhong Yong Xu

Abstract: Since the pioneering work of Paris and Erdogan (1963), the fatigue crack growth (FCG) model has been being modified by worldwide...

Authors: Zhi Gang Ren, Chang Wu Xu, Er Lei Wang

Abstract: In engineering structures, it is a new approach to evaluate the structural health situation by use of optic fiber sensor. In this paper, a...

Authors: Jun Chen, You Wen Su, Ting Lei, Song Gu

Abstract: In order to test the applicability of the strength curves of rebound method and ultrasonic-rebound combined method of common concrete in...

Authors: Zhang Jun

Abstract: Modals of BP neural networks with different inputs and outputs are presented for different damage detecting schemes. To identify locations...

Authors: Yong Chang Guo, Jian He Xie, Di Liu

Abstract: This study is the second part of investigation into the interface mechanical performances of cracked reinforced concrete (RC) beams...


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