Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Fen Weng, Ming Gong, Zhen Hua Liu, Xiao Bei Wang

Abstract: Shandong Qufu Xingtan Theater, originally built for an open-air theater, was designed as a one-time temporary structure with bolt ball...

Authors: Shi Yong Zhao, Tie Cheng Wang

Abstract: Monolithic moving of the buildings has supplied a new choice for the urban planning and reforming. The paper studied the designing and...

Authors: Hai Xia Zhang, Guo Rui Liu, Peng Peng Cao

Abstract: This paper focuses on the characterization of flexural behavior of RC beams strengthened with Near-Surface Mounted (NSM) GFRP bars. Based on...

Authors: Yong Gang Ding, Jian Qiang Wang, Xi Zhu Wang, Wen Tao Feng

Abstract: Due to the low design standards when constructed, limited construction materials, corrosion damage from natural environments and...

Authors: Kun Zhu, Er Yu Zhu, Wei Yang

Abstract: Based on the result of investigation of farmer’s house in Beijing, a finite element model of reinforced brick wall with a open hole was...

Authors: Qing Li Wang, Yuan Che, Yong Bo Shao, Jun Wu

Abstract: Overall 12 specimens were experimentally investigated in this paper to study the hysteretic behaviors of the concrete-filled circular...

Authors: Lang Ni Deng, Jun Zhang, Hua Chen, Peng Zhang

Abstract: For reinforced concrete beams strengthened with prestressed carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) plates, design methods are derived for...

Authors: Hua Wei Zhao, Hong Ping Zhu, Ya Hong Ding

Abstract: After form a removal concrete cross ribbed beam floor in a commercial plaza, the vertical cracks are discovered, and the settlement analysis...

Authors: Di Cui, Guan Ping

Abstract: The rehabilitation properties of intelligent concrete beam reinforced with shape memory alloys (SMA) is investigated. In this study, SMA...

Authors: Jin Cheng, Ru Heng Wang, Bin Jia

Abstract: This document considered mechanical property of carbonated concrete and existing non-carbonated concrete, discussed the remaining effective...


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