Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Xia Guo, Jing Xing Gong

Abstract: Based on beam specimens of 100mm×100mm×400mm, the effect of electrochemical chloride extraction (ECE) on bond performance between steel bar...

Authors: Tian Zhi Zhu, Ming Zhang, Yan Ying Dong

Abstract: Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) has been widely used in structure reinforcement processing. It is a comparatively mature field in...

Authors: Ya Ping Peng, Guang Dong, Peng Li

Abstract: The method of seismic strengthening the RC frame T-shaped joints with FRP was designed. Its significant effect of seismic reinforcement was...

Authors: Heng Lin Lv, Chun Hua Xu, Shu Chun Zhou, Yue Xing Zhu, Shi Jie Ding

Abstract: Because of the change of using function of one masonry structure, its longitudinal walls need to be underpinned. The related members also...

Authors: Heng Lin Lv, Geng Long Xu, Shi Jie Ding, Shou Zhi Feng, Chun Hua Xu

Abstract: After a long period time of working, an auxiliary shaft RC headframe in a colliery got series quality problems, such as the concrete...

Authors: Jin Liang Lu, Jun Xi Zhang, Jun Jiang, Kun Wang, Wen Jun Qu

Abstract: In this paper, the feasibility of inhibitor auxiliary re-alkalization was investigated. The effect of realkalization auxiliary inhibitor...

Authors: Chao Jiang Fu

Abstract: The use of fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) to reinforce reinforced concrete(RC) structure has become one of the main applications of...

Authors: Tian Lai Yu, Qiang Ma, Lei Lei Tian

Abstract: The resisting shear strengthening technology of existing reinforced concrete bridges as an important research topic in the field of old...

Authors: Tian Lai Yu, Lei Lei Tian, Qiang Ma

Abstract: Ability insufficiently in shear is one of common trouble of old RC (reinforced concrete) beams, so scientific and reasonable shear resistant...

Authors: Ming Liu, Hua Huang, Jian Ling Hou, Bo Quan Liu

Abstract: Rehabilitation of RC members with stainless steel wire mesh and permeability polymer mortar is a new method of structural strengthening with...


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