Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Song, Zhi Wu Yu

Abstract: The paper presents the results of an experimental study on fatigue performance of corroded reinforced concrete (RC) beams repaired with...

Authors: Dai Guo Chen, Yong Yao, Yong Jun Deng

Abstract: Using utilities equipment to make the reinforced concrete girder to generate a kind of reverse-arch radian, then paste CFRP on the...

Authors: Yan Hua Guan, Pei Zhi Zhuang, Xiu Guang Song, Zheng Ma

Abstract: On the basis of the destructive characteristics of aging RC beam bridges, experiments are conducted to examine and compare the effect on RC...

Authors: Hong Bin Liu, Meng Li

Abstract: This paper introduced a project of reinforced concrete chimney with a height of 90 meters, which does not stop construction at nearly 200...

Authors: Xiao Juan Gao, Yue Hui Li

Abstract: Jiangsong villa is the famous ancient architecture in Longmen scenic spot. The appearance and structural members of villa are damaged...

Authors: Jian Hui Li, Ying Li, Zong Cai Deng

Abstract: The research program is aimed at investigating the effectiveness of application of good ductile hybrid fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) to...

Authors: Chun Yuan Liu, Jun Qi Zhang, Gong Pan, Hai Chao Song, Cheng Wei Liu

Abstract: A high filled subgrade of a highway slipped on the left of the line. According to conventional calculations (limit equilibrium method) ,we...

Authors: Ya Li Ma, Ai Lin Zhang

Abstract: Probability distribution law of corrosion initiation time of steel in concrete under chloride environment is discussed. Based on the Fick’s...

Authors: Shan Suo Zheng, Zhi Qiang Li, Qing Lin Tao, Yi Hu, Pi Ji Hou

Abstract: Fuzzy techniques and AHP approach have been widely used during the last decade. However, few papers have attempted to use the AHP approach...

Authors: Sheng Hua Jiang, Jian Guo Hou, Ying Ming He

Abstract: Various potential sliding paths and different failure modes should be considered in the stability of gravity dam against deep sliding when...


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