Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Zhang, Chao Liu

Abstract: The slope of loess high embankment stability analysis is in northwest loess area highway construction important question, also is in the...

Authors: Yan Zhi Wu

Abstract: Applying combined surface,the graphical method is used to calculate the passive earth pressure usually. Not only procedure of the graphical...

Authors: Jun Lan Zhao

Abstract: Application and research of GIS in the slope engineering is one of the hot topics in this field. In this paper, the fuzzy comprehensive...

Authors: Yu Zhou, Shun Chuan Wu, Qing Liang Wu, Yu Tao Ma, Yong Tao Gao

Abstract: During the tunnel excavation in Zhang-Shi Expressway 2nd-Stage Project, rock burst phenomenon has occurred. Limy dolomite...

Authors: Hua Wen, Ru Heng Wang, Yong Yao, Yue Ming Wang

Abstract: Based on laboratory model test, this paper presents the draining efficiency of vacuum pre-loading method and electro-osmosis method with...

Authors: Yan Feng Fang, Hua Xi Gao, Wei Wei Duan, Zhong Jian Sun

Abstract: Based on eight groups of uplift tests for screw anchors with different embedded depths and different plate sizes, a method is given to...

Authors: Da Huang, Yong Xing Zhang, Run Qiu Huang

Abstract: A lot of investigations showed that unstable rock masses (URM) could be classified into four failure modes:whole slide,rock block...

Authors: Chuan Sheng Chen, Shi Zhi Wen

Abstract: The mechanical properties of discontinuity are different from those of a whole rock. And the shear strength of discontinuity is closely...

Authors: Cheng Yu, Jin Cheng Wei

Abstract: The swelling behaviour of compacted expansive soils have been studied with variation in initial state. For comparison, a series of swell and...

Authors: Hai Yu Ge, Jin Song Tu, Song Xia, Qing Yun Ge

Abstract: An expression for slope stability and safety factor is established herein by using inclined slice method based on limit equilibrium...


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