Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Lin Zhao, Wei Guang An

Abstract: Considering the co-action of micro-pile and soil nailing, the state equation of limit equilibrium and the performance function of inner...

Authors: Tao Li, Bo Liu, Yan Li, Chang Jun Song

Abstract: Soil improvement by foam is a key technique to control formation damage in shield construction. The half-life of three kinds foam was...

Authors: Long Wei Chen, Xiao Ming Yuan, Rui Sun

Abstract: Using a double-layer horizontal strata model, a simplified time-history analytical method which considers liquefiable layer existence is...

Authors: Kun Yong Zhang, Tu Gen Feng

Abstract: The current study was implemented to evaluate the backfilled gravel subgrade slope stability of a highway, China. Typical crossing section...

Authors: Ze Hai Cheng

Abstract: The composite foundation with capped rigid piles and geo-synthetics is a new technology. A plane of equal settlement exists in the fill...

Authors: Yue Dong Wu, Shang Chuan Yang, Han Long Liu

Abstract: Stress state of soft soil foundation under vacuum preloading is completely different from its counterpart under surcharge preloading, and...

Authors: Long Wei Chen, Shang Jiu Meng, Xiao Ming Yuan, Rui Sun

Abstract: In terms of the physical mechanism and features of the dynamic soil-structure interaction during earthquake excitation, a simplified...

Authors: Gui Hua Yang, Jin Liang Han

Abstract: The pore water pressure variation during the process of dynamic drainage consolidation is calculated and analyzed with numerical simulation...

Authors: Xian Min Han, Shou Ding Li

Abstract: Experiments of unloading confining pressure of rock were conducted to reveal deformation characteristics of rock mass under different...

Authors: Wen Wang, Rui Han, Man Xia Wu, Chun Mei Zheng

Abstract: The pile ground heat exchanger is devised to overcome the shortcomings in configuration of existing ground heat exchangers. In view of its...


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