Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Xia Ding, Guang Qing Yang, Bao Lin Xiong, Qiao Yong Zhou

Abstract: This study is expected to research the performance, behaviors and strength of soil nailing by field test, based on the engineering of soil...

Authors: Yong Lu, Guo Qing Zhou, Xiang Yu Shang, Yong Song Li

Abstract: This For mastering the effect of particle size to strength and deformation characteristics of sand under high pressure, DRS-1 high pressure...

Authors: Xiang Yu Shang, Guo Qing Zhou

Abstract: At-rest earth pressure codfficient,K0,is very important in geotechnical engineering design and finite element analysis. At...

Authors: Hong Bo Guo, Ke Sheng Ding, Yi Jia Zhang, Xu Li

Abstract: The cover reverse construction excavation is one of the important construction methods which is used in digging extra-deep foundation system...

Authors: Yang Zhou, Guo Qing Zhou

Abstract: A stress calculation method has been established for the double layer shaft in special strata. After some simplifications of the mechanical...

Authors: Yu Wang, Hua Feng Deng, Tao Lu, Zong Yong Zhao

Abstract: Creep characteristic is one of the most important mechanical characteristics of rock. It controls the stability of rock engineering. Under...

Authors: Jian Jun Dong

Abstract: The strength and deformation behaviors of unsaturated soil can be approximately described by elasto-plastic constitutive model that was...

Authors: Quan Cao, Hong Chen

Abstract: The self-boring pressuremeter test has potential advantages over the conventional in situ method in the geotechnical investigation. It not...

Authors: Hua Qiang Liu, Xiao Yi Fan

Abstract: There were better economic and social benefits which the construction wastes were the raw materials of weak foundation treatment. The...

Authors: Ming Feng Lei, Li Min Peng, Cheng Hua Shi, Yun Liang Zhang, Wen Hua Li

Abstract: According to the research status of construction spatial effects in large-long-deep foundation pit: mainly focus on numerical simulation,...


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