Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Yan Wang, Lan Fang Zhang

Abstract: Red mud is the waste which is generated in the process of extracting alumina from bauxite. In this paper, results showed that aerated...

Authors: De Chun Lu, Xiu Li Du, An Nan Zhou, Yang Ping Yao

Abstract: The characteristics of deformation and strength of soils under the plane strain condition can be simplified as a two-dimensional problem....

Authors: Zhan Jin Li, Yang Zhang, Xue Li Zhao

Abstract: With the depth increasing continuously, more complicated of geological conditions, will make intersection in deep soft rock roadway is very...

Authors: Xiu Li Du, Shi Wei Hou, De Chun Lu, Xing Lei Cheng

Abstract: A series of drained tests of ISO medium sand were performed to study the onset and formation of shear band. Using the digital image...

Authors: Yong Mou Zhang, Min Yang, Qiang Gang Yan

Abstract: The method of composite stiffness principle and biparameter for laterally loaded pile was used in this paper to calculate the amplitude of...

Authors: Qing Zhi Yan, Jiang Rao, Zi Qiang Xie

Abstract: The excavation and support problem of deep foundation pit is very interested by construction engineers with the development of the high...

Authors: Lin Yan Li, Yin Liu, Hao Chen, Heng Bin Wu

Abstract: Present methods for stability analysis of underwater slopes are mostly confined to laboratory experiments and limit equilibrium method. This...

Authors: Ling Cao, Zhi Jian Wang, Yong Fu Xu

Abstract: Creep is an important mechanical property of rock, and it is closely associated with the long-term stability of rock landslides. To further...

Authors: Bing Zhao, Ning Li, Yi Song, Xiao Qiang Yan

Abstract: Based on the Generalized Plastic Mechanics (GPM) and strain gradient-dependence of yield surfaces, the differential expressions of the...

Authors: Jun Xia Ding, Guang Qing Yang, Bao Lin Xiong, Qiao Yong Zhou

Abstract: The mechanism of one small slide in the FuChang road at the Taihang mountain is analyzed with the comprehensive exploration methods. It is...


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