Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Liu, Cui Ying Zhou

Abstract: According to settlement of road-tunnel composite structure, relying on the Connecting Engineering Project at Shenzhen of Shenzhen-Hong Kong...

Authors: Ling Xia Gao, Xiang Yun Yang, Shun Qun Li, Li Kun Qin

Abstract: Based on the principle of pedigree cluster, recursion formulae of distance between micro-structure parameters are given. Then, pedigree...

Authors: Jun Shuai Huo, Juan Chen, Quan Mei Gong, Shun Hua Zhou

Abstract: There are more and more pit-in-pit excavations in cities, which include inner pit and outer pit. Owing to the inner pit excavation,...

Authors: Xiang Yuan, Quan Mei Gong, Shun Hua Zhou

Abstract: On the basis of the large soft soil foundation pit of Shanghai Expo axis and the Section 1 of underground complex project, this paper...

Authors: Jian Bin Hao, Yu Ming Men

Abstract: Gradually, anchor is in the working state of tension, but its stress becomes rather complicated when influenced by some external factors...

Authors: Hong Fang Wang, Jiang Chun Hu

Abstract: It is important of rock crack fine test for deep rock engineering. The high frequency part of Nyquist diagram of rock electrochemical...

Authors: Hai Xiao Lin

Abstract: The paper presents a numerical investigation of cracking of masonry wall with openings resulting from the asymmetry sedimentation of...

Authors: Juan Du, Jian Gang Han, Hua Li Zhang, Jin Yu Zhong, Hong Peng

Abstract: This paper adopts large diameter drill hole cast-in-place Pile of one Highway Bridge as the study case, using the pile calculatingly...

Authors: Ming Kui Huang

Abstract: Based on thermodynamics theory and porous medium theory, the migration regularity of liquid water in the control layer of cooling roadbed is...

Authors: Chun Yuan Liu, Hai Chao Song, Gong Pan, Jun Qi Zhang, Cheng Wei Liu

Abstract: Prestressed Tubular Concrete pile (PTC pile) with individual cap is applied in soft ground treatment in the widening project of Jin-bin...


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