Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Le Hua Wang, Jia Cheng Wang, Jian Lin Li

Abstract: The high cut slope of reservoir-bank road and city buildings are mostly earth-rock mixture after excavation. The strength behavior of the...

Authors: Sheng Rong Xie, Fu Lian He, Hong Zeng Yang, Hong Bin Li, Chun Yang Tian

Abstract: Aiming at problem of low coal mining rate and environmental pollution by gangue, replacement mining technology of source recovery by...

Authors: Fang Yang, Lin Zhu Sun, Zi Ling Xie, Ya Gang Zhou

Abstract: An unequal interval grey model GM (1,1) was established according to the variation characteristics of sequence data about the bearing...

Authors: Pei Hsun Tsai, Sheng Huoo Ni

Abstract: In this paper the dynamic property (shear modulus and damping ratio) of cement-stabilized soil is studied with using the resonant column...

Authors: Dong Wei Li, Da Wei Xu, Ju Hong Fan, Ren He Wang, Bi Juan Luo

Abstract: The impact of the cold-side temperature and moisture to frost heave were obtained by studying frost heaving test in open system. Frost heave...

Authors: De Gao Zou, Dong Qing Li, Bin Xu, Xian Jing Kong

Abstract: Cemented sand and gravel (CSG) is a new type of dam materials. It not only can reduce the waste of resources and environmental pollution,...

Authors: Run Lin Yang, Juan Juan Wang, Hai Cheng Zhou

Abstract: It is necessary to study the mechanic behavior of underground pipelines during the excavation of the foundation pit, because the excavation...

Authors: Bao Lin Xiong, Jin Song Tang, Chun Jiao Lu

Abstract: Hypoplaticity and Nader hypoplastic model are introduced. Based on finite element stress-strain analysis of Nader hypoplastic model, slip...

Authors: Lei Zhu, Xin Jiang Song, Bao Ning Hong

Abstract: In order to reveal the mechanism of deformation, disintegration and failure of shallow landslides of coal measure soil, through contact...

Authors: Li Wang, Da Hu Rui, Jian Hui Yang

Abstract: Multi-scale science is the challenge and opportunity of science in the 21th century, and turbulence of liquid and fracture of solid will be...


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