Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhang Rui, Wen Liang Lu

Abstract: Experimental research was conducted on the transverse stress of 32m post-tensioned precast simply supported concrete box girder with...

Authors: Xu Jia Li

Abstract: This paper is a case study of Wu’s house, which is located at the Majiamiao hutong, only several blocks away from the imperial palace—the...

Authors: Jing Jing Xi, Qing Ning Li, Tian Li Wang

Abstract: The field transfer matrixs and the point transfer matrixs can be established by the transfer matrix method, which can solve the internal...

Authors: Ri Chen Ji, Yue Zhen Xu, Ying Zhe Sun

Abstract: For the arrangement of suspender and arch rib in the combination of beam and arch bridge, the finite element model is established according...

Authors: Chun Ping Tang, Liang Liang Zhang

Abstract: In order to overcome the disadvantages of traditional binding mortar with its workability is poor, bond strength is low, and the bond...

Authors: Guan Dong Lin, Shu Jun Fang, Hua Wang, Zhi Wei Qi, Chan Zi Chang

Abstract: Through dynamic performance test on prestressed concrete simply supported beam of Xiaotang-river Bridge on the Suhuang railway under...

Authors: Wei Zhi Zhu, Zheng Zheng Wang, Zhe Zhang, Hao Ran Chen

Abstract: Combining the scientific research project- the study on cable-stayed suspension bridges, with the engineering background of Dalian Gulf...

Authors: Wei He, Rong He, Heng Xiang Zheng

Abstract: The problem and relevance research of tension test technology of cable and suspender was introduced from the influence of environmental...

Authors: Xin Yue, Ting Wan

Abstract: Under the great background of economic globalization, high-speed development of airplane and automobile industry as well as Harbin Aviation...

Authors: Ke Chen, Jian Yong Song, Shuo Zhang

Abstract: The externally prestressed bridge finite element analysis module redeveloped based on ANSYS software is introduced,realizing finite element...


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