Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cai Ping Huang, Zhong Xian Zhang, Ji Zhang, Jin Zhou Chen

Abstract: Under the action of both dead and live loads, the welding joints of the integral bridge deck and the main truss gusset plates of a steel...

Authors: Wen Ping Li, Shu Li Chen, Mu Biao Su

Abstract: In this paper, the vehicle-bridge lateral vibration mechanism was analyzed; the vehicle-bridge vibration model was built and the lateral...

Authors: Yan Min Jia, Zhu Mei, Dong Po He

Abstract: The temperature distribution and strains due to heat of hydration of cement in a concrete box girder were measured on site during...

Authors: Qing Bo Wang, Yan Min Jia, Dong Po He

Abstract: The commercially available finite element program ANSYS was used to model the refrozen process of the bored pile. The effects of the...

Authors: Yun Sheng Li, Yang Tian, Yan Ling Zhang

Abstract: Orthotropic decks are commonly used in high-speed railway bridges. Finite-element model is established by ANSYS for orthotropic steel bridge...

Authors: Wen Gang Ma, Qiao Huang, Ming Yang, Yuan Ren

Abstract: The mechanical characteristics and common forms of beam-arch combination system bridge and its new development are introduced. With the...

Authors: Xiao Liu, Ru Heng Wang, Bin Jia

Abstract: Bridge piers generate local destruction at impact point after suffering medium and low speed impact, and then their bearing capacities...

Authors: Hua Wang, Shu Jun Fang, Guan Dong Lin, Zhi Wei Qi, Chan Zi Chang

Abstract: This paper describes working performance of the pressed flanges with reinforced plate .Based on the elastic stability theory and...

Authors: Yan Ling Zhang, Yang Tian, Yun Sheng Li

Abstract: In order to research the fatigue behaviors of the welded rib-to-deck connections in steel orthotropic bridge deck, 14 rib-to-deck connection...

Authors: Guang Hui Li, Jian Xun Zhang

Abstract: More and more pre-stressed concrete box-girder bridges with corrugated steel web are being realized in the world due to their advantages...


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