Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Jia, Xian Zhi Liu

Abstract: In order to further discussing the problem of the construction engineering safety supervision, this paper analyzed the cost and benefit on...

Authors: Xing Ma

Abstract: In this paper, a practical design procedure for thin-skinned steel-composite composite panels subjected to axial or flexural loadings is...

Authors: Ming Ji Fang

Abstract: The shaking table test of a full-scale steel frame structure with ALC external wall panels is performed in this paper. Based on the...

Authors: Hooi Min Yee, Jae Yeol Kim, Ong Chong Yong

Abstract: Nonlinear analysis method is one of the earliest methods proposed for form-finding analysis of tensioned fabric structures. However due to...

Authors: Ming Chen, Yang Sun, Bing Qian Pi

Abstract: The double C steel section is made of two C steels with gusset plate through bolts. A ridge joint of double C steel is studied through...

Authors: Wei Bao, Yong Song Shao, Li Tao Xing

Abstract: In order to get the performance of steel frame semi-rigid joint under load, scholars made a lot of tests to research on this kind of joint....

Authors: Jian Wei Zhang, Wan Lin Cao, Hong Ying Dong

Abstract: A RC shear wall with vertical mild steel-lead energy dissipation strips was proposed as an improvement in seismic behavior over existing...

Authors: Wan Lin Cao, Wen Jiang Zhang, Jian Wei Zhang, Hong Ying Dong

Abstract: In view of the proposal of embedded steel plate concrete shear wall with concrete filled steel tube columns which contains a new kind shear...

Authors: Yang Liu

Abstract: How to evaluate building sustainable performance is a hot issue in the world, the paper combine the “natural energy”, “energy recycling” and...

Authors: Chuan Min Zhang, Chao He Chen, Ye Fan Chen

Abstract: The paper makes an analysis of the reinforced concrete beams with exterior FRP Shell in Finite Element, and compares it with the test...


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