Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Sun, Hong Hai, De Zhi Liang, Jian Zhao, Na Zhang

Abstract: This paper investigates the influence of thermal stress on FBG embedded in GFRP bar by the finite element analysis and the calibration test....

Authors: Ying Li Liu, Te Liang Yan, Shu Qing Zhang

Abstract: Concrete quadratic transfer beam is definite completely based on the specifications. It is using ANSYS finite element software to optimize...

Authors: Dong Zhao Chen, Ji Ping Hao, Zhen Qing Wang

Abstract: Shape formation of post-tensioned and shaped hypar space truss is presented in this paper, the test space truss can be deformed into saddle...

Authors: Yi Sheng Su, Qi Liang Li, Yi Bin Yang, Xiang Hua Chen

Abstract: Based on the ANSYS, castellated lightweight steel portal frames are modeled to analysis the stress destruction process and stress...

Authors: Tian Hua Li, Jun Hai Zhao, Xue Ying Wei, Wei Kong, Xiao Ming Dong

Abstract: Based on the unified strength theory, the bearing capacity of the concrete filled square steel tube short columns with inner CFRP circular...

Authors: Li Hong Chen, Shu Yu, Hong Tao Zhang

Abstract: Shear strength reduction finite element method (SSRFEM) has been a main technique for stability analysis of slope. Although SSRFEM has...

Authors: Xiao Ruan Song, Pei Ge Liu, Xiao Yun Zhang, Yu Ting Qu, Ji Min Xu

Abstract: In this research, a kind of composite cement plates are utilized as permanent formworks, and poured concrete together to form composite...

Authors: Tao Lan, Ji Ping Hao, Si Yuan Zhao, Xiao An Wang

Abstract: Based on the research of Life Ring in Shen Fu, the basic criteria for structural design of the unconventional rigid mega-structure linked...

Authors: Yi Yan Lu, Xiao San Yin, Liang Yi Li, Xue Peng Zhang

Abstract: The research focused on the effects of infill walls on the RC slab-column structural system. In order to accomplish this, the...

Authors: Zhuo Wang, Wei Ming Yan, Lie Ping Ye

Abstract: The damage of reticulated shell structure will arouse structural mode localization. The quantitative assessment index of mode localization...


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